Our Services

Research & InsightsResearch & Insights Great strategy and campaigns begin with great understanding of the category, the market, its influencers and its consumers – which is where our work begins for most of our clients.

Researchers at Hill+Knowlton Strategies hone client strategies and create breakthrough campaigns using the knowledge gained by analyzing primary and desk side research from a socio, political, economic and market perspective. Our bespoke research maps client categories, competitor analysis, consumer behavior and responses, focus group analysis to covert the research and analysis into actionable intelligence for our clients.


Crisis ManagementCrisis Preparedness Training and Crisis Communication Management You can rarely predict a crisis. But you can always prepare yourself to handle one if it happens, and ensure you have the right communication partner by your side to manage it for you. Crisis preparedness training and crisis management are part of the many speciality services we offer at Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

We have ably supported numerous clients in times of crisis with strategic thinking, crisis communication messaging, and on ground influencer management.

We also believe, that in times of crisis, you need quick and clear communication to both internal and external audiences, in order to be effective in eliminating the crisis. Which is why, at Hill+Knowlton Strategies we have devised and offer special programs, which include one or more of the following services, tailored to our clients’ needs:

Crisis Preparedness Training: Influencer mapping | Special crisis management and communication workshops | Scenario creation and resolution | Establishment of crisis Management protocols and processes | Media training.

Crisis Communication Management: 24/7 Crisis Hotline | Emergency Media Centre and Helpdesk | Crisis management team activation | Emergency press releases, press conferences, exclusives, and point-of-view share | Liaison with key government officials and other influential groups | Direct solicitation to relevant publics through mailers and tele-information services | Professional networking.


CEO BriefingsCEO Briefings As CEO, you have to always see the bigger picture, envision the future, and stay on top of your business with more knowledge and understanding of your space, than anyone else. Which is why, our CEO Briefings are crafted and curated to be invaluable aids for heads of organizations as well as for people with business interests in India.

Hill+Knowlton CEO Briefing books are lucid guides to the latest developments in India’s economic, social, and political environment. They also include a primer on cultural trends, and sensitivities, and contain profiles of key influentials in the government and the media – people who matter, and who every CEO must, or will come in contact with, when doing business in India.


Media Training & Messaging WorkshopsMedia Training & Messaging Workshops With the right skills and techniques, a spokesperson can communicate the benefits of a new product, advance an organization’s position on key issues and communicate key messages to diffuse a crisis. Hill+Knowlton Strategies understands the importance of each of these.

We offer media and presentation training in virtually every sector at every level, and each course is tailored to your specific needs. We also conduct messaging workshops across sectors to help focus and conceptualize powerful story telling for your spokespeople to build awareness, context and reputation of your company and business.


Financial CommunicationsFinancial Communications Investor relations, financial performance related corporate communications, and of course, IPO related public relations are specialized requirements, which not everyone can handle. Which is why we have put together a special financial services practice, which is geared to handle companies in the area of banking, finance, insurance and other financial services industry.

However, for businesses in other categories, Hill+Knowlton Strategies offers special services aimed at engaging the the financial community – whether it is individual investors, large financial institutions, or economic and financial news media. This includes the following:

Lists of key media and key influentials | Comprehensive investor relations kit | Financial publicity and media relations | Speeches and fact books | Annual reports | Newsletters | Public Issue branding and communication | Direct mail | Analysts meetings | Perceptions audit | Audiovisual presentations

Additionally, we bring out special advisories, reports and analyses of important economic developments and policy announcements by the government, which helps our clients stay abreast of changes that could affect their business.


Internal & Change CommunicationInternal & Change Communications The fundamental, irreplaceable element in every business, is people. Employee relations and morale have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line and therefore deserve the careful attention that marketing, cost analysis and other critical corporate functions receive.

Employees immersed in the culture and functions of the organization, and sold on the vision and mission of the company, have better morale and team cooperation, which not only translates into increased productivity, it can be critical factor in avoiding or mitigating the effects of a crisis.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies offers comprehensive employee relations and organizational communications strategy programs, with trained professionals and the means to implement these programs. We begin with an internal communications audit which analyses the organization’s existing communications flow for overall messaging, reach, and sentiment, as well as in line with any problems anticipated by the management. Once completed, we can create the ideal program for you, to achieve predetermined objectives.

A typical internal communication program includes: Employee sentiment audit | Internal communication audit | Periodic newsletters | Video magazines | Internal training programs | Information hotlines.

What’s more, we also offer communication packages for extraordinary situations, like: Crisis communication | M&A information management | Internal strife management.

In addition to the above, if you have a specific need or challenge for internal communication, please get in touch with us, and we can develop a customized program for you.


Digital Social MediaDigital and Social Media Expertise With the explosion of the social media and digital space in India, and everyone focused on the latest tool, gadget and platform, H+K Strategies’ Digital team brings clarity to the digital space and focuses on the offline results that drive your business.

H+K Social Media Strategies is a JV with Quasar (A WPP company) which brings together the power of public relations with digital expertise so that we can handle everything from your biggest social media crisis to your most creative mobile app. Our services are best understood in three buckets: 1) Digital communications audit and planning, 2) Monitoring and managing your full online footprint, and 3) Creating communities and building campaigns in consumer marketing, public affairs, and internal communications.


Public AffairsPublic Affairs and Government Relations Despite liberalization the era of “big government” is not over and recent actions bring many examples of high profile cases into view. This was something we saw before the global financial crisis and in a free market society we have enough examples of conflicts which pit large corporations not against helpless customers but instead with competition and even legislative bodies. As globalization gathers pace, we cannot push aside the new challenges it brings, just as much as we cannot ignore the fact that the internet is becoming the real marketplace for idea exchange.

The internet is truly the global marketplace of exchange – a place for like minded activism to emerge within the shortest and quickest time. What we will see emerge is a flattened playing field for governments, higher levels of citizen involvement and a greater urgency for transparency. It has become vital for corporations to understand and master the emerging and often complex issues that impact business and industry in a pluralistic democracy like India.

Today the business environment has become even more complex and organizations are influenced by a plethora of issues, stakeholders and policies, which they need to navigate and manage. We understand the structures and processes underpinning public policy in India and advise our clients on relevant issues, policies and legislation, help identify future opportunities or risks and provide guidance on how to navigate the environment and achieve client objectives.

Our public affairs and government relations team has extensive public policy, media and political experience and maintains widespread networks across government at all levels. We identify those who make the decisions and also those who influence the decision-makers whether in government, the media, interest groups or think tanks. As such, we are well-placed to ensure your views are heard and have an impact.

Our services include issues management; government and stakeholder relations; policy analysis; legislative and regulatory monitoring and advice; advocacy support and campaigns; media relations and management; and thought leadership positioning.


CSR & SustainabilityCSR & Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept often bandied around, and mostly misunderstood for both the reason to embrace it, as well as how to go about it. In India this is more surprising, considering we have a history and culture where business and philanthropy go hand in hand. Which is why, at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, we offer a comprehensive range of CSR related solutions that enable companies to give back to society, in more relevant and significant ways.

To begin, we help companies recognize what CSR encompasses, and choose the right way forward for them. From assessing the Opportunity Index, to identifying the right programmes to engaging with the right partners and finally assessing impact and monitoring we offer a 360 degree CSR campaign.

After the financial meltdown there is an increasing realization that neither corporations nor society exist in isolation. Business success is more than creating business value for stakeholders. Civil society is increasingly placing businesses under the scanner and relevance and importance of CSR to organizations is increasing. Today, with the interdependence of the corporate and social world – CSR must go beyond a ‘corporate sustainability report’ and play a central role in the core business strategy of a company.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has global experience in developing corporate sustainability programs that address all facets of an organization’s needs. These include:

Expertise on strategies that make businesses more efficient | Initiatives that engage key stakeholders | Collaboration with leadership to integrate stakeholder perspectives into operations | Generation of sustainability reports that help organizations communicate their policies and priorities to the public.

For more information on how we can help you with your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, please get in touch with us.


Media MonitoringMedia Monitoring We all know that “media coverage” influences public perception, so knowing what is being said by “the media”, who is saying it, and finding out why, is vital to business strategy.

Our Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Resource Centre tracks national and international publications, to keep you on top of breaking news stories and trends related to your business – so you always know what’s happening and no unpleasant surprises come your way.

Media RelationsMedia Relations A professional relationship with the media is the cornerstone of public affairs management. Hill+Knowlton Strategies has a network that reaches out to the media around the country and around the world. Our approach is straightforward – empowering journalists with all the information required for them to report the news accurately, as well as form fair opinions and perspectives

To this end, we not only provide journalists with information about our clients’ business, but also share the research and insights we have on the category, audiences, as well as related subjects. As a result, we are often the first port of call for information and tips on major stories and features.

Our teams are also familiar with schedules and staffing patterns of various news organizations, which allows us to organise press conferences and briefings to suit media deadlines, get our client’s messages out to the right audiences, at the right time.


Editorial ServicesEditorial Services Today, more than ever, written content is what forms the basis of a lot of news, opinions, and eventually influence in the world around us. Hill+Knowlton lays great emphasis on quality content creation and has a dedicated content development team with special writing skills, subject matter expertise, and a nose for sniffing out relevant information and news from the tonnes of information floating around.

What we offer our Clients as services includes but is not restricted to, publication-specific content and press releases, web-specific content, white papers, backgrounders, and perspectives, speech writing services.