Practice Areas

Financial Services PracticeFinancial Services Practice The Financial Services industry lies at the core of any economy. In India, our financial markets are highly regulated, with various regulators keeping an eye on every avenue of financial sub-segments, including Banking, Insurance, the stock Market, Mutual Funds, Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Foreign Institutional Investors, among a host of others Add to this the general lack of awareness and knowledge among retail investors and audiences of the above mentioned segments, and you have a very challenging marketplace for everyone operating in this space.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies works with various companies in the Financial Services sector, and helps promote their strengths by reaching out to various publics, and by seeding knowledge, pushing relevant message, and generally promoting a positive financial environment.

We have effectively navigated this space, and helped our Clients achieve their objectives with definitive, measurable results – and our Client list and portfolio of case studies bear testimony to this fact.


Marketing Services Practice

Marketing Services Practice In the new age of screenagers, independent publishing, social media influence, and the ever-increasing cost of advertising media– the area of Brand to Consumer marketing is more challenging than ever before.

The Hill+Knowlton Strategies Marketing Services Practice adds width and depth to a Brand’s marketing and communications mix with a wide range of services for short and long term results.

This is done through endorsements in the media, either direct or third party. Such endorsements sustain the messages during the gaps in advertising schedules and marketing campaign. Product endorsements also add impact to new launches and revitalise mature brands. Most of all, we seek to communicate messages about products and services in a memorable and credible manner.


Technology Practice

Technology Practice Technology is one of the most powerful ingredients in the success and growth of India for almost a decade now. India’s technological prowess and potential also gives it leverage – not just as a provider of world class IT services and products, but also as one of the most growth-oriented countries in the world.

Technology has been, and is today leading India’s economic growth, and is being looked at, to provide answers to many of its inherent challenges, including accessibility and socio-economic variances. Furthermore, India is a key global center for the development and seeding of new technology.

Not surprisingly, one of the fasted growing practices at Hill+Knowlton Strategies is our Technology Practice – where we work with clients across various sub-segments of technology, including Information Technology, Technology Development Services, Clean Tech, and Renewable Energy.

Given the fact that Technology is, despite its exponential growth, still a sunrise industry in India, we help Companies in this space navigate policy, governance, interest groups, socio-economic implications, as well as the environment as a whole.

If you’re a company in the Technology space, rest assured you will find great value in working with us. Why not get in touch with us, and see what we can do for you?


Corporate Practice

Corporate Practice In a world where most technology can be bought off the shelf, and traditional USPs can be easily cloned, Corporate Reputation plays a significant role in the success of a company.  And of course, in tough climes or in times of a crisis, it is reputation more often than not that helps businesses keep their heads above the water.

As more and more consumers are buying into brand reputations and experiences today, Corporate Communication is becoming more and more important in the overall marketing mix. Not only that, corporate reputation and communication goes a long way in influencing policy, projecting the category and industry right in the media, and of course goes a long way in building relationships both internally with employees, and externally with your stakeholders.

As a pioneer in the Public Relations space and Communications business in India, Hill+Knowlton Strategies has the requisite experience and access to global tools and techniques, which help companies use PR as a strategic tool to achieve their business objectives, as well as occupy significant mind-space among relevant audiences.

Our Corporate Practice is specially equipped to devise strategies that gain public goodwill, and win support for whatever you want in the marketplace.


Healthcare Practice

Healthcare Practice Change in this sector is driven by a number of factors, including the aging population, increasing patient expectations, new regulatory initiatives and the growing needs of the developing world. We take pride in supporting companies and organizations that provide quality health services and products to individuals and families all over the world.

Our team of health specialists, knowledgeable in the local Indian healthcare arena, are experts in working with health professionals, medical organizations, consumer health advocacy groups and other health stakeholders to develop and implement integrated communications strategies and programs as diverse as the industry challenges.


Beauty & Luxury PracticeBeauty & Luxury Practice Beauty & Luxury has emerged as a distinct & high potential opportunity within the broader consumer domain with its own set of brand building & advocacy dynamics. With an estimated USD 6 billion size & witnessing a robust growth of 20 per cent, this market is expected to grow to nearly two and half times of its current size over the next five years.

Recognizing this, H+K Strategies has a specialist practice developing PR campaigns for beauty, cosmetic, fashion and health conscious clients utilizing a fusion of public relations initiatives including influencer engagement programmes, cross promotions, stimulating events, media tours, co-created content, product placements and celebrity endorsements.

Based in India’s largest media and entertainment centers of Mumbai & Delhi, H+K’s Beauty & Luxury team and its team of Brand Advocates have potent connections with opinion making consumers and fashion / beauty / luxury / style editors at leading magazines, newspapers, blogging communities and web sites in India.


Media & Entertainment Practice

Media & Entertainment Hill+Knowlton Strategies understands that the Media and Entertainment business is one that evokes powerful, instant, emotional reactions from the public – and this could flip from positive to negative and back to positive at any point of time.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies recognises the challenges and the opportunities that exist in this space and we have geared our Media & Entertainment Practice to help our Clients get a handle on communication, based on emerging consumer trends and deep insights.

More specifically, we help Clients with communication that educates, mobilizes support and loyalty, with a messaging strategy, differentiated positioning, and by creating events and opportunities to connect with other media and consumers on individual products as well as larger brand values.