With the diversity and democratization of publishing today, the public has access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — and we and our Clients increasingly acknowledge, that as businesses, it is imperative we constantly interact with our publics.

But interaction without a deep understanding of our audiences and without a clear communication strategy, is of no use. Which is why, it is our global mandate, as specialists in this area, to provide this wisdom and understanding to our Clients, and in turn help publics understand our Clients better.

As our Global Chairman and CEO Jack Martin says “we have to put ‘the public’ back into public relations, in new and engaging ways like never before”.

Our new identity of IPAN H+K Strategies helps define who we are, and is a constant reminder of our mandate. It also adds to our reputation of offering cutting-edge thinking, and best possible service to our clients – something which has been a tradition for us, at IPAN Hill & Knowlton Strategies.

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